Wednesday, Oct 7th- New On Sale &wristband info. and reminders!

Happy Wednesday!

NEW to the On Sale list:

  • Juda Friedlander – comedian
  • TedX – On sale tomorrow at 6AM!

Things to remember!

  • No need to call Public Safety at the start or end of the day at CFA, the phones simply go to a recording now.
  • When selling tickets to a Faculty/Staff member their spouse should get the same price as they do. Spouses actually are ID holders at Midd.

Do’s and Don’ts of printing headers (address) labels

  1. DO print a header for events that are using wristbands such as the comedian. Rip and throw away the actual ticket, and then clip the wristband to the header and stuff in the envelope.
  2. DON’T print a header for Will Call tickets, simply rubber band them and file them alphabetically.

Marketing Info. needed 

When selling at the counter or over the phone please ask where the person heard about the show.  Under the Patron Lookup on the last screen there is a drop down menu for the marketing code, please DO this step as part of every sale.

Last and Very Important!  BE ON TIME!  Debby and I schedule meetings around when we are supposed to have coverage.  For the CFA early shift people, I know it’s early, I know you stay up late, BUT please realize that I am coming from 20 miles away and I don’t check email before I come in.  Call me on my cell I don’t mind!

Oops, one more fun thing- Debby and I are planning to attend “Until the Golden Tides” next Wednesday evening at 7 PM.  Doug LeCours will be in the show and would love to see you all.  After we plan to go to 51 Main, please join us.


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Lots of Reminders!

Wednesday Greetings-

There are a lot of little things we need to brush up on!

-We DO NOT mail tickets off campus the week of the show, simply tell the patron they will be held at will call.

-ACBOXO stamp – for off-campus mail (stamp in the upper right-hand corner) and to stamp the back of all checks.

-Credit card tape – when you see pink, change the tape – don’t risk it running out when you are in the middle of a sale or batching out.

-Cast and crew comps – always assume they want the 2 comps offered unless they specifically ask for only 1.

-Look at the book of knowledge and see Doug’s preferences and make sure yours are the same, then at the bottom – change the order to Title instead of date – much easier to find something to sell if it is in alphabetical order. Don’ t forget to submit changes.

-Deposits coming from MCA to MCBO – if McCullough is open when you arrive the deposit should go in the blue pouch marked Daily Deposit and it should be placed in the large safe. Only use the small safe if McCullough is closed.

-Yes, you may have a comp to the 1st-year show!

-There has been a change in the comedian that will be coming. It will now be Juda Friedlander, same time, place, nothing else has changed.  On sale next week.

Please Facebook Jeremy Denk to all your friends and Cocoon! Hiruy will push these events, but it helps if we all push them.

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Performance Work Schedule for October

This is the performance schedule for October  – will work on the rest next week.

October work schedule


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Weekly Wednesday Update 9/23/15

Hi everyone-

First a few quick notes from Debby.

-Tickets saved for will call do not need header cards.
-Please stamp all mailing envelopes with ACBOXO for off campus, or if it is going to a box or office internally please write ON CAMPUS where the stamp would go.
-after filling comp. orders please be sure to move those emails to the “comps completed” folder.

-When closing at MCA, put the deposit in a non-windowed envelope (bottom drawer in cabinet by door) don’t seal the envelope, just tuck it in (we reuse them).


The King Singers are going to be performing at Mead Chapel instead of the concert hall, please remind people over the phone or at the counter about this.  Also, there are no reserved seats for community chorus, just sell them a ticket as usual.

If a first-year wants their comp and wants to buy tickets for family, they will need to come to the counter or call. Since they are assigned seats, it would be a pain to give them a comp and then they will want to exchange it to sit near family members. The subject line for this will be FREE ticket for Sophie Shao and Friends. Many first-year comps were done incorrectly last year. We also now have a folder for First-year comps completed so Debby can easily take the names off the distribution list. First-years get 1 free ticket to 1 PAS event.

Have you read The book of Knowledge?  If so, send me an email of something you learned or were reminded of?

Happy Wednesday!


1-yanki initiation costume

ps.  Greetings from Maddy in Japan.  She has to dress in this costume for the first 2 weeks during class times. She looks good even with blue hair! (wig)

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