11/20/15 – new things on sale soon

New things on sale on Monday, November 23rd.  

  • Riddim will go on sale at 12:01 AM and the late show will most likely be sold out before I come in at 6 AM.  December 12 – 7:30 and 10 PM If you are interested in a ticket, tell me and I will reserve it and you can pay next week.  Tina, Daniel and Clair are working the event and get a free ticket.  There are printed wristbands for both shows.
  • Vermont Choreographers’ Showcase – Friday, December 11 – 7:00 PM, Dance Theatre – yes you can have a comp.  We will do the box office for this added event – will add it to the schedule.

I will be in NY auditioning opera singers on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st.  Please have your keys on you!  I can count 4 times this week alone that people have arrived without having their keys – yes I feel like I am always here, but I occasionally am out of the office. I will talk to Missey on Monday about opening up over here on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, November 30th at 12:01 AM the Winter Term Workshops go on sale. I am sure you have noticed them in SABO. 99% of the sales for this are online but please take a look at them and be ready to sell at the counter.  Open the PDF that is available at go/wtw and then you can search using Control F.  Students may not remember some of the silly titles of the workshops.

After you have a replacement for a shift, please email me so I know who is working – I don’t like worrying about coverage.

Have a great break – here or where ever!

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11/16 – Little things

  • Please get the right customer in SABO – last week Jennifer Herrera called saying she got an email confirmation and she didn’t buy anything.  This has happened twice in the last week.  Check and double-check names! You should be checking email addresses as well as they change often.  Not only does the paying customer not get their email confirmation – they are not on the list of people who would get the email reminder about the event. Plus the poor person who gets the email thinks their credit card has been taken!
  • Gift Certificates that we give out should always go in as Admin Comps – this is in the book of knowledge.  You may pick GC as the payment – but their should be no value as it messes up the show report – we give free tickets to new faculty and all kinds of fundraising request.  Plus, the GC should come over to MCBO as the form of payment in the deposit – if there is an amount left – please put that amount in order notes so I know why the GC isn’t with the deposit.
  • Comps are filled at MCA and all other orders are filled at MCBO.  The CC email confirmation says all will-call tickets are held at McCullough.
  • When filling comps – please file correctly – I am seeing First-year comps in the comps completed folder – should be in First-year completed.  File them immediately after filling.
  • Big next 2 weeks – really need everyone to pitch in and cover their shifts
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11/13 – a few little things

  • Whenever there is a show at MCA in the evening (like the dance show last night and tonight) , there is no need to close out at 5 – leave it for closing out after the show.
  • When batching out the credit card machines – please wait and hit enter the second time so the slip is in one piece – if you mess up and the slip is in tow – tape it together with the settlement on the bottom
  • All comps should only be filled at MCA – too many errors if someone attempts to do it at both places.  Only occasionally if Missey is short-staffed, I will fill them over here – but we talk about it first.
  • Make sure all student comps come over here with the box number on the label – not 14 Old Chapel Road – just write the box number on the label – no need to reprint
  • All Faculty/Staff comps should go into windowed envelopes – not rubber bands. And if they are in MCA – they should stay there and not come over here to go to the mail room and then back to MCA.  if it says Dance, Theatre, or Music – most of those faculty/staff are in the building.
  • On sale on Monday – Click Share, Fall Dance and Ordinary Days. Yes to a comp for Click Share and Fall Dance – no to musical (but only $5)
  • I plan to work on J-term this weekend – so send me your schedule if you haven’t already.
  • Next week, I want to see your spring schedules to see if we need any new hires.
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11/10 – Rugby Raffle/on sale dates/party

  •  I found TEDx tickets that came in on Saturday night and Sunday morning that were never batch printed.  The first thing you should do when arriving for a work shift is batch print.  TEDx didn’t turn off until 9:00 AM. If you have done this before, please ask someone to show you!
  • Rugby Raffle ticketsTHEY NEVER LEAVE THE BOX OFFICE – it’s a raffle, so the tickets go in a basket and are held until 11/30 and the team will pick them up and do the drawing that afternoon.  Ignore the book of knowledge on raffle tickets as I have thought of a better way to program them.  If you put in the number 1,2,3 or 4 they will be $25 each, but if you put in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 – they will come out to $20 each.  We do very few on the phone – mostly online and the team are selling them as well.
  • On sale on Monday – Clickshare, Fall Dance, Ordinary Days. Don’t sell to the public until Monday, just fill the comps. Yes to a comp for Clickshare and Fall Dance but not for the musical (Ordinary Days)in the Zoo. this musical will be a little different – we are charging $10 for Adults and $5 for students as the rights were incredibly expensive!
  • Lysander Piano Trio – Ben until 6, then Clair and Maria at 6.  And me!
  • Vermont Faculty Dance – Thursday – Qadira until 6, Liilia and Diku at 6 – Diku closes as Liilia is seeing the dance
  • Vermont Student Dance Works  – Friday – Sarah until 6, Liilia and Andres at 6 – Andres closes as Liilia is seeing the dance
  • Saturday – 200 days party  – have fun
  • Friday and Saturday – I am in a show at THT with all the kids and adults who have taken theatre and voice classes. All songs by Johnny Mercer – if you love the American Songbook – http://www.townhalltheater.org/he-wrote-that-too/
  • Party – Wednesday, December 9 at 5 at my house – we will get a van to transport you all. Take a study break, eat food, play with my dogs!


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11/4 – a few little things and a big weekend!

Hiruy and Andres were heroes!  The window here at McCullough wasn’t closing locking so they stayed here until facilities showed up – after 10.  There is a work order now to have it fixed.  Hopefully that will happen quickly.

  • Thanksgiving tickets are now up and on sale – should have been an all-campus email but could happen soon – free for students and any Fac/Staff that have to work – $5 for Fac/staff who just want to attend.
  • Time change for WRMC – Majical Cloudz – now 9:30 start and 9 doors.  Tell people at the counter – I will email them all again to remind them.  I have been rewriting some of the wristbands as they are sold.
  • Bus exchanges – this is all in the book of knowledge but still some ??s.  Bus tickets can be exchanged up until 1 week prior to departure for Boston, NY  and BTV buses if changing to t a different break.   Bus tickets to and from the airport can be exchanged for a different time for the same break at any time.  Ex: changing from 7 AM to 10 AM.
  • Please keep the money neat and all the faces looking in the same direction – believe it or not, mistakes can happen easily when it is a mess…plus I have to take it to the cashier’s office all in the same direction.
  • Please rubber band all will call and mail tickets ( to MC boxes) and use the paper clips only for events with wristbands  – the clips are a pain and grab onto each other!
  • When students pick up a cash box – have them sign and put their ID – but you should sign as the staff member who signed it out!
  • TEDX wants all names of patrons as well – so if someone buys more than one ticket, put the other names in order notes.
  • If someone is buying tickets using an index, it is a department charge – I usually do these but sometimes they come to the counter – put the INDEX in the order notes.
  • A few changes to the work schedule – Maria is actually dancing in Fall Dance so I replaced here with money hungry Jessica – let me know if this works Jessica. Fall 2015 performance schedule
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10/30/15 – In the home stretch

The next few weeks are the busiest for us for the whole semester.  Missey and I have noticed a real lack of attention to detail.  When something is done incorrectly, we are now looking up who did and keeping track.  For example, if you are putting someone new in the system, please do it neatly and correctly.

  • All names and addresses should be capitalized – remember that what you put in is also the label for mailing tickets.  If our boss saw some of the labels that are going out of here – we would here about it.
  • When the customer gives you their name and you can’t find it – ask it the account could be under some other name, like a spouse or partner – don’t automatically just put them in unless of course this is the first time they are purchasing – we are seeing too much duplication.
  • From now on, go in to the account name first and double-check things – just say ” Are you still at…? Has your phone number changed? Check email addresses.  Clair is a pro at this and she asks the marketing ??
  • After you have checked – if someone says they don’t have email or don’t want to give it to us – put that in the notes section. Click on notes and write in it.   Example:  No email
  • I have noticed incorrect zip codes and just sloppy entry – when you see an entry that is a mess and you have the time – edit it and clean it up.

There will be lots of new things going on sale in the next few weeks. They are listed on the latest performance schedule – please look at this carefully – I have made a number of changes. Fall 2015 performance schedule

There are 3 upcoming Zoo shows that we have nothing to do with except to give them cash boxes for making their own sales – they only want to charge $2 and I said we wouldn’t staff them for that price.

  • Akhila Khanna – this weekend – just tell people to go the Zoo – $2 at the door
  • Daniel Buchman – next weekend (11/6 – 8)- same $2 at the door
  • Gabrielle Owens – the next weekend (11/13-15) – same $ at the door

Then on November 19 – 21 there is a Zoo show that is 700s for 2 theatre majors – Tosca and Leah.  We will staff this – they are doing it at the Bunker – only 32 seats so I imagine we will do wait lists – yes you can get a comp to that. Title is ROADKILL – it will go on sale next week.

The last Zoo show ( 12/4 – 6) is an independent musical – it should be amazing, it is called Ordinary Days and takes place in NYC and one of the songs “I’ll Be There” is about 911.  This will be very popular so I am scheduling 2 a night to work for this as well. I imagine wait lists.  No comps for this one.  We are charging $5 for Midd students but $10 for everyone else because the rights for this musical are very expensive!

The weekend of December 4 – 6 is crazy with productions  – this is an all-hands on deck weekend!

We are planning a get-together at my house for the last week of classes.  The only thing that will be on sale is Riddim and I imagine it will be sold out! It will probably be mid-week  – something like Wednesday, December  9 – starting at 5, but will let you know!  We had to cancel last year because of a snow storm – only Liilia is praying for snow!

TINA – Next week the tee-shirts go on sale – do not tell anyone this – it will happen on Monday.  they are doing a push this weekend on Facebook.  Speaking of tee-shirts – when you refill the sizes  – don’t just dump a pile – please fold each shirt separately to attempt to keep them neat.  We will only

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10/29 Batch printing

We have  had so many students come to the counter on the night of performance saying they didn’t get their tickets and then we have to reprint.  This could be the reason.  When you batch print by disposition (mail or will call), please look at what you are printing.  I suggest printing everything that prints a ticket first (ignore bus, FOAM, MOP, cakes etc). Notice whether they are students or not – if you miss that, look at the price of the ticket – you should know that way.  If they don’t make an account ( and they don’t have to – they can buy as a guest), the default is shipping to the same address as billing address.  Do not just throw the tickets in an envelope – look up their box number if they are students and just hand write it on the header. batch printing ticket prices.

it is usually first-years that don’t understand that our software is not merged with Banner – be vigilant and pay attention to what you are processing – we aren’t that busy!

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