1/21/16 Sarah asked for a blog!

Two important things

  1. We are looking for workers this summer – doesn’t have to be just one person – we can split the summer up 2 or 3 ways.  Just shoot Missey and I an email if you are interested.  Graduates are welcome as well – remember Doug stayed last year and made about $4,000.
  2. I am looking for a NY bus monitor for Feb break – Esteban is doing one and before I go outside to a non-staff member, does anyone want to monitor the second bus?

This J-term has flown by! Next week will be a little crazy – here is the performance schedule again. J-Term 2016 performance schedule.  When working at THT, I know a few of you may want to see Chicago – please let me know if you plan to stay and we can save a seat.  Or I can give you a ticket for the open dress on Wednesday – that night could be nuts.  We sell at the door (cash only) and THT facebooked it and got 350 hits in just a few minutes.

Please be on time for the shifts at THT – I will be setting everything up earlier – the laptop, cash box and credit card machine.  People arrive very early for the paid wait list at THT.

Those of you doing DCM have all done it before – may have a paid wait list if sales pick up because they have very reduced capacity on this one.

Monday morning – NESCAC swim meet goes on sale at 9:00 AM.  Clair and I will be here but be prepared for the phone to roll over to MCA.  This is the letter sent to all parents about the meet – please read and be familiar. 2016 NESCAC WOMEN’S SWIM-DIVE instructions.  I will be printing each order as it comes in online (the laser printer) and sorting by the name of the team. There will be baskets with labels.  Sections usually fill very quickly and in the past, people cheat – please ask for the name of the swimmer and put it in the order notes.  Online they are prompted and have to put the name in.  They think we check rosters of each team. :).  After a section (32 seats) sells out, tell the customer they can buy general admission seats – but I will try to get them in a section near their team.  Often smaller teams don’t sell out their section.  Section sales go through next Thursday night at midnight and then GA goes on sale Friday morning.

When cash boxes are returned  – please take out any cash in the box – put it in an envelope and label and put in the safe.  One more will be do back tomorrow or Monday.

When (hopefully if) you have printer trouble, go to computer Printer and Devices and clear any attempts from the printer.  Boca is the default and should have a green check mark – if it has a yellow triangle, it need to clear the errors.  Don’t know how to do this – ask Missey or me.

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12/9/15 Party da

Hi everyone,

I know you are all tired but some really dumb mistakes are happening.

  • Credit card receipts – many of you are still not putting names on the receipts on phone orders or if the name isn’t printed on the receipt.  It is hard for me to track mistakes if I don’t know who the receipt was for.  plus – if someone’s signature at the counter is not legible and their name isn’t printed on the receipt – hand write it!
  • Recycle the customer copy if they don’t want it – we don’t need it.
  • Don’t remove the batch sip until it is finished printing – you have to hit enter before it settles – it should be about 4 inches long.
  • When filling the cc machine, the paper goes in so the slip comes from underneath and curls away from you.  It will not print upside down.
  • Too many times small bills are coming over in the deposit.  There should never be more than 4 ones – unless all you had in the drawer was ones.  Always send over the largest denominations possible.
  • When people get closed out of SABO and think they have been charged – usually they did something wrong in the payment gateway and their bank is holding the funds – for security reasons – in case it isn’t them – explain that it will disappear from their account in 1 to 2 days.  If they are worried about getting a seat on the bus or a spot in a workshop – you can reserve the class. Look at this screen shot  – when you hit submit, they will get an email to pay online or can come to the counter to pay. Sale reservation.  If they come back in to pay, just pull up their account and you will see if the transaction history a sale that has an R in front of  it – open it and it will look just like the end of a normal sale.
    • I have just reserved 8 people for a MOP Feb break camping trip to Joshua Creek because I had to recalculate their price after they had paid a deposit.  Only Missey and I can recalculate prices.
  • See you all tonight!!!


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12/4/15 – Many things

Way too many small mistakes for this time of the semester.

  • Whenever you do an exchange of a ticket that was purchased online it will through you into Internet Source – always make sure after an exchange that you get back into PBO. It makes my reports really hard int he morning searching for mistakes.
    • If you suddenly don’t see comps offered – you could be in internet source
    • If tickets start printing in a tiny font – you could be in Internet source with the wrong preferences set.  HTML has to be checked off in whatever source you are in.
  • Whenever you send an email to anyone – don’t just sing Box office – please sign your name as well.  If I have a question, I have to look up who was working  at the time of the email, plus take responsibility for what you write.
  • Gift Certificates for 51 main  – we process.  As they come in – print them from the outlook folder and leave them for me. Don’t just file them.  Now that we are no longer selling Panther Point cards, we may see more GCs of all kinds. The Grill can be filed – they process their own.
  • I will be sending out the comp email for the Chicago cast on Monday morning.  It is very important that these are done correctly. It goes on sale the first day of J-term and often sells out within hours.
  • Party – Jessica has to arrive a bit later and has a car – if anyone else needs to leave campus a little late – get in touch with Jessica.
  • No more honey this year.
  • If you don’t know how to change a reservation into a sale – talk to Missey or I.
  • If you don’t know how to add an order note – for instance when someone sell their bus ticket – talk to Missey or I. I am pretty sure this is all in the Book of Knowledge
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11/20/15 – new things on sale soon

New things on sale on Monday, November 23rd.  

  • Riddim will go on sale at 12:01 AM and the late show will most likely be sold out before I come in at 6 AM.  December 12 – 7:30 and 10 PM If you are interested in a ticket, tell me and I will reserve it and you can pay next week.  Tina, Daniel and Clair are working the event and get a free ticket.  There are printed wristbands for both shows.
  • Vermont Choreographers’ Showcase – Friday, December 11 – 7:00 PM, Dance Theatre – yes you can have a comp.  We will do the box office for this added event – will add it to the schedule.

I will be in NY auditioning opera singers on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st.  Please have your keys on you!  I can count 4 times this week alone that people have arrived without having their keys – yes I feel like I am always here, but I occasionally am out of the office. I will talk to Missey on Monday about opening up over here on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, November 30th at 12:01 AM the Winter Term Workshops go on sale. I am sure you have noticed them in SABO. 99% of the sales for this are online but please take a look at them and be ready to sell at the counter.  Open the PDF that is available at go/wtw and then you can search using Control F.  Students may not remember some of the silly titles of the workshops.

After you have a replacement for a shift, please email me so I know who is working – I don’t like worrying about coverage.

Have a great break – here or where ever!

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11/16 – Little things

  • Please get the right customer in SABO – last week Jennifer Herrera called saying she got an email confirmation and she didn’t buy anything.  This has happened twice in the last week.  Check and double-check names! You should be checking email addresses as well as they change often.  Not only does the paying customer not get their email confirmation – they are not on the list of people who would get the email reminder about the event. Plus the poor person who gets the email thinks their credit card has been taken!
  • Gift Certificates that we give out should always go in as Admin Comps – this is in the book of knowledge.  You may pick GC as the payment – but their should be no value as it messes up the show report – we give free tickets to new faculty and all kinds of fundraising request.  Plus, the GC should come over to MCBO as the form of payment in the deposit – if there is an amount left – please put that amount in order notes so I know why the GC isn’t with the deposit.
  • Comps are filled at MCA and all other orders are filled at MCBO.  The CC email confirmation says all will-call tickets are held at McCullough.
  • When filling comps – please file correctly – I am seeing First-year comps in the comps completed folder – should be in First-year completed.  File them immediately after filling.
  • Big next 2 weeks – really need everyone to pitch in and cover their shifts
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11/13 – a few little things

  • Whenever there is a show at MCA in the evening (like the dance show last night and tonight) , there is no need to close out at 5 – leave it for closing out after the show.
  • When batching out the credit card machines – please wait and hit enter the second time so the slip is in one piece – if you mess up and the slip is in tow – tape it together with the settlement on the bottom
  • All comps should only be filled at MCA – too many errors if someone attempts to do it at both places.  Only occasionally if Missey is short-staffed, I will fill them over here – but we talk about it first.
  • Make sure all student comps come over here with the box number on the label – not 14 Old Chapel Road – just write the box number on the label – no need to reprint
  • All Faculty/Staff comps should go into windowed envelopes – not rubber bands. And if they are in MCA – they should stay there and not come over here to go to the mail room and then back to MCA.  if it says Dance, Theatre, or Music – most of those faculty/staff are in the building.
  • On sale on Monday – Click Share, Fall Dance and Ordinary Days. Yes to a comp for Click Share and Fall Dance – no to musical (but only $5)
  • I plan to work on J-term this weekend – so send me your schedule if you haven’t already.
  • Next week, I want to see your spring schedules to see if we need any new hires.
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11/10 – Rugby Raffle/on sale dates/party

  •  I found TEDx tickets that came in on Saturday night and Sunday morning that were never batch printed.  The first thing you should do when arriving for a work shift is batch print.  TEDx didn’t turn off until 9:00 AM. If you have done this before, please ask someone to show you!
  • Rugby Raffle ticketsTHEY NEVER LEAVE THE BOX OFFICE – it’s a raffle, so the tickets go in a basket and are held until 11/30 and the team will pick them up and do the drawing that afternoon.  Ignore the book of knowledge on raffle tickets as I have thought of a better way to program them.  If you put in the number 1,2,3 or 4 they will be $25 each, but if you put in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 – they will come out to $20 each.  We do very few on the phone – mostly online and the team are selling them as well.
  • On sale on Monday – Clickshare, Fall Dance, Ordinary Days. Don’t sell to the public until Monday, just fill the comps. Yes to a comp for Clickshare and Fall Dance but not for the musical (Ordinary Days)in the Zoo. this musical will be a little different – we are charging $10 for Adults and $5 for students as the rights were incredibly expensive!
  • Lysander Piano Trio – Ben until 6, then Clair and Maria at 6.  And me!
  • Vermont Faculty Dance – Thursday – Qadira until 6, Liilia and Diku at 6 – Diku closes as Liilia is seeing the dance
  • Vermont Student Dance Works  – Friday – Sarah until 6, Liilia and Andres at 6 – Andres closes as Liilia is seeing the dance
  • Saturday – 200 days party  – have fun
  • Friday and Saturday – I am in a show at THT with all the kids and adults who have taken theatre and voice classes. All songs by Johnny Mercer – if you love the American Songbook – http://www.townhalltheater.org/he-wrote-that-too/
  • Party – Wednesday, December 9 at 5 at my house – we will get a van to transport you all. Take a study break, eat food, play with my dogs!


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